A short notes on fullerenes

Many chemical atoms have created a huge vibe with the applications and uses on our day to day life. Fullerenes are one such chemical material which has plenty of applications on the markets.  But only few people around the world have knowledge about this chemical compound.  If you haven’t aware of anything, read the entire article and you will get more details about them. Make use of them and raise your knowledge.

Fullerene is a chemical compound actually third form of carbon along with graphite and diamond but it posses many different properties and this is how it is unique from all the chemical compounds.  In general it is found in the form of hollow sphere, ellipsoid and tube. Not only these three forms, but you can found them on various forms.  When it comes to the structure of fullerene, it is more like the structure of graphite. This chemical compound contains stack of graphene sheets and they are even linked on hexagonal links. The people who are well aware of this compound often referred it as buckyballs since it resembles the balls used to play on the football games.  Fullerene in the cylindrical forms is also called as carbon nano tubes.  In the fullerene, you can find many types and they are listed as follows.

  1. Buckyballs
  2. Inorganic fullerenes
  3. Fullerence rings
  4. Megatubes
  5. Fullerite

When it comes to its applications, they are skyscraping.  It used as photo resistant in the photolithographic process.  It is used in the manufacturing of electronic and microelectronic devices.  You can also use them on therapeutic and diagnostic agent.

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