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How To Promote YouTube channel on Quora

How To Promote YouTube channel on Quora

Do you have a cool YouTube channel but struggling to get views and users subscribing to your channel? You need to get a bit creative and do some marketing whilst trying to stick with free methods to promote the YouTube channel. Talking of free marketing methods, why not use Quora to promote your YouTube channel? Well, this article will take you through some clever tactics to use this fast growing social network to increase the visibility of your YouTube channel.

Don’t Spam!

First things first, Quora is a social network where users interact by asking, answering and getting answers from the community. Now, this presents a challenge to anyone looking to advertise as anything that doesn’t add value or rather spam content would lead to your account being banned. Luckily, there is a way out! The answer is in delivering some value to users through your YouTube videos but wait! This is just the tip of the iceberg. Let us go through the steps you need to promote YouTube channel on Quora….

YouTube promotion

Step 1: Create a Quora Profile and Find Your Niche

Of course, before you can start promoting your YouTube channel is to create a personal/company Quora account-if you don’t have one already. Just make sure you complete your profile well perhaps with backlinks to your YouTube channel keeping in mind that Quora will be showing your bio next to your answers. You will then need to establish the niche you will be focusing on when interacting with the Quora community. You would want to choose a niche that blends in well with what your YouTube channel is focused on. You do not want to be focusing on food when your channel is in sports, right?

Step 2: Be Active In the Community

The next key step is to start being active in the community. In fact, you should start following people in the niche you are interested in. You can even up vote their updates just to increase your chances of getting followers.

Step 3: Answer Questions Related To Your YouTube Channel Niche

Again, Quora is against any sort of self-promotion. So you can only promote yourself directly by answering questions posted by other users then linking back to your channel if it adds value to the answer. This will usually work best if your channel is focused on giving information to users via video content. Still, you can be smart and find a way to add value to the answers through your videos regardless of the nature of your YouTube channel.

Step 4: Use Quora for Research

Many users do not know that Quora can be a very great tool to do some valuable research. For instance, you can look into what other users in your niche are doing. You can do this by following relevant topics to ensure that you stay on top of any question and answers around your topic hence keeping yourself abreast of trends in your niche. This way you will get to know what to tweak in your YouTube promotion strategy.

Step 5. Share Your Expertise on Social Media

Quora allows you to share your answers to popular social networks as long as they are connected to your profile. By sharing your expertise, you get to build your entire community of users around the Quora and the social networks hence promoting your YouTube channel to an even greater audience.


Just follow these tips to make the best out of your Quora account in building your YouTube channel towards your targets. After all, it is a free and very effective way to promote any type of YouTube channel!



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