Recap on Last Season Review on Supercross AMA

As fans and enthusiast starts to countdown on the next year’s new season of Supercross AMA, it is also best to recap last seasons’ happenings. Undeniably, last season was one of the most successful events of Supercross AMA. it turned out to be what it is expected of them. A huge loud cheer of the fans on the main event ground, speculators and commentators and a lot more racing experts are there to witness it live. Some people who can’t physically go live are also tuning into their television broadcast or into  Supercross live streaming in the office or on the road.

There’s no denying that people have really loved the outcome of last season that’s why it gives them more reason to watch out for this year’s season. Usually, Supercross events start at mid-December to late May, but this season they will start as fresh as the new year on January 5th at Anaheim for the first round. Of course, we’re not here to talk about this year’s stuff, but we’re here to do a quick recap of the special scenes and highlights from last year. Seatbelts on and let’s check this out!

Things to Watch for Supercross Live

A lot of amazing things happened from last year season of AMA Supercross, no wonder it became a real success and somehow satisfied a lot of racing enthusiast from all parts of US and even outside the US. Today, the season trailers excite a lot of racing enthusiast to book their tickets in advance or update their cable subscription to go Supercross live or reading articles and headlines for updates and new on the new season. Just like you, a lot of people wanted to make the most out of their spectate. So, here’s a few things you have to watch out for.

  • Eli Tomac will definitely aim a sure win for the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross season. This Kawasaki racer crashed out of the season opener last year and failed to ride the next round. However, as his return for Anaheim, he definitely put the rest of the field with the notice that he is definitely back. He also won several awards and medals from previous seasons which makes him a threat to his competitors and a favor to racing fans and enthusiast. Make sure you know who he is and keeps your eyes on his moves on the tracks.
  • Wondering about Ken Roczen? With his tepid performance last season, it is really impossible that the team Honda HRC Roczen is considering a rebuilding season— or that could maybe happen this year.
  • Cole Seely is definitely riding strong holding second-place after three rounds. A real chance is definitely coming for him this year’s season. The team Honda HRC racer catapulted from fourth in the standings to become second. Who knows he might be this year’s champion? Is that luck or just a well-deserved battle? As you tune in your Supercross Live on January 5th, don’t forget these few racers we have in line from last year’s!

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