The Good And Bad Sides Of KV 5 In WoT

World of Tanks KV 5 has been a popular choice among veteran players for a long time. KV 5 WoT version is a tier 8 heavy battle tank that has become a legend due to its incredible survivability and fast firing rate. In reality, though, this tank never saw mass production, as its development was shut down in 1941 due to the siege of Leningrad and never renewed. So, is this machine still viable in the game?

WoT KV 5 has always been a premium tank, which means that the only way to get it is by spending the real money. At first, it was really worth the money you’d bought it for. Firstly, premium tanks opened a faster way of earning in-game currency to buy other tanks and parts for them. Secondly, with a sheer power of this machine and its preferential matchmaking, you were sure to win the game. However, since the version 0.7.5 of the game, it is not available in the game’s internal store and there is no way for a player to officially purchase it (it can come back in events, though).

Most experienced players that have the tank in their hangars seem to be disappointed by its performance recently. Yes, most of its advantages still hold, like

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  • Good defense;
  • Relatively good mobility for a heavy tank;
  • Impressive rate of fire.

However, in the current meta, it does not stand up to other machines in the same tier due to its disadvantages and recent changes, for example:

  • New tanks with better penetration can almost ignore the armor of this tank;
  • The armor rating of KV 5 has remained unchanged for a long time, and everyone is familiar with its weak points;
  • The gun is only effective at close range, and it is difficult to get close to adversaries with the flaws in the armor discussed above.

All in all, despite problems, this unique tank has its place in the game. With enough skill and a good team, you would still be able to shred your enemies. Some alteration would make it a lot better, and hopefully, the developers would pay attention to the fan outcry. Simply making the weapon a bit more powerful and accurate would make this tank a viable pick once again.

However, your opinion might differ. Try out the KV-5 in the battle to find out, whether it suits your playstyle. Although there is no official way to get it right now, you can purchase a ready-made WoT account with this tank in the hangar.

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