How shincheonji claims to be a top church?

These days, coronavirus has become one of the main topics for people to debate all around the world. Shincheonji church of Jesus also got the highpoints after officials of South Korea accused it for spreading coronavirus. Both church and officials have different opinions about the outbreak. As per the officials, the group has never revealed any kind of information about its members and the worships going in the church. However, Shinchonji opposed such allegations and blames many time.

As a novice, it could be difficult for you to determine who was right or wrong in this controversy that took a global notice. The group and the founder of the church have clearly explained that they have never tried to obstruct the investigations despite protecting the privacy of their members. Let us try to be familiar with the rest of the things that will let you know this Church:

Knowing Lee Man-hee

Lee Man-hee is the person who originated this particular church in the year 1984. In the Korean language, Shincheonji stands for new paradise and earth. This particular Church and its group have more than 230000 members as per the claims made by the founder. There are plenty of believes regarding the founder of this Church. Some of the followers of this group believe that Mr. Lee Man-hee will carry thousands of people to paradise with him after Christ’s additional coming.

What does the Shincheonji mainly focuses on?

About the shincheonji church and group

There are several other claims made by the church and one of them is the number of its followers outside of the country. As per the claims made by the church, it has over 20000 followers in countries like Japan and China. It also claims that its followers are there in the Southeast Asia. The charge is globally known for asking its followers together to serve people.

Surprisingly, it is also claim that the things like earrings, necklaces, and glasses are allegedly expelled from the services of this group.In many reports, the founder of this group and Church has apologized for the outbreak of the virus.

He said that this particular outbreak was not intentional. Shincheonji members also fought administration efforts at pursuing the flow of epidemic and application of social distancing guidelines. The officials have also said that the founder of this group refused to test himself. Hopefully, you have understood some important details about the case of Shincheonji church of Jesus.

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