Anandamide (AEA): The Molecule of Happiness!

Anandamide is very essential, and it aids in controlling the mood of an individual. With its great benefits, the body can produce this fatty acid, but it can deplete too. Here are some ways in which one can regain the content of Anandamide (AEA) in the body.

Foods that contain Anandamide:

  • Beverages: Beverages like teas contain a good amount of Anandamide to help in the endocannabinoid system activity. One can also depend on herbal teas such as lemon, cloves, or cinnamon to get a good amount of fatty acid in the body for better regulation.
  • Foods containing fatty acid: To enhance the endocannabinoid system in the body, one must eat foods that contain a good amount of fatty acid. It can be eggs, walnuts, or hemp seeds.
  • Cocoa: Have you ever felt like your mood alleviated with the consumption of chocolate? This is because cocoa is a good source of Anandamide (AEA). It can drastically bring improvement to the mood of the person after consumption.

People Use Anandamide Powder

Ways to increase Anandamide:

  • A simple way to increase the levels is to exercise. People who exercised regularly have shown an increase in Anandamide levels and they are seen to be happier. It is observed in the lives of these people that their lifestyle is less chaotic, and they are calmer. They enjoy life at their own pace.
  • By reducing the stress levels of an individual one can experience a higher level in anandamide levels. A person is happier, and it is evident that if you are less stressed in life, one experiences a calmer sense in one’s life.
  • By meditating, one can increase the levels of Anandamide. It helps the brain to relax and get rid of all the thoughts that are clouding the mind. It relieves the mind of problems that are withdrawing happiness from the lives of the people. This is seen to work because when a person finds a solution to their problems and gets a solution, it de-stresses them. This can help the person lead a happier life.

One can find supplements for this chemical to work well but by addition of some things in our diet as well as making small changes in our lifestyle can also provide the same effect. Adopting some simple habits can improve the mental health being of an individual. A happy person is usually healthy and content with life.

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