How to start using CBD?

Want to start using CBD but don’t know the correct way of doing it? Start incorporating CBD oil in your daily routine and it is quite simple to start. There are many CBD formulations available in the market. Some of the forms are gummies, pills, tinctures, soft gel capsules, oral tinctures, topical creams, etc. The next question of AvidHemp CBD is how to take it and there are 3 ways of doing it.

The CDB starter kit comes with 5% oil and is a great way of using CBD oil. It is for all the beginners wanting to take low concentration. The main drops of CBD and melatonin help in fixing sleeping routines while CBD balm helps in getting rid of chapped lips. The strength of CBD oil is 10%, 15%, and having a 20% range of CBD oil. CBD crystals have high solvency power with faster reaping methods.

The Nordic oil CBD crystals are derived from 100% hemp plant oil.

How much dosage to use of CBD?

This is the most precise question of how much dosage you have to use CBD. But the size fits for different persons and it affects so many metabolisms effects like body weight or other variables. AvidHemp CBD starts with simple dosing like 5% that has effects in the body for 4 to 6 hours within just 15 to 30 minutes of consumption. After taking a 3-month using of CBD oil you can increase the dosages as your body is getting adjustable to using it. But you must keep a fixed proportion of the dosage so that it doesn’t create any side effects in your body.

Avid Hemp

Why should you use CBD?

CBD helps in enhancing human health and controlling various moods and stress apart from creating a good immune system. CBD is present naturally in the Cannabis plant that goes through the system for supporting enzymes and protein transport in the body. It also helps in giving a state of calmness in the body.

Who can take CBD?

  1. Adults from 21 years and onwards
  2. Pregnant women are not allowed to take CBD at the time of breastfeeding
  3. People who are under medication or who need CBD for treating a specific medical problem


You can start with CBD oil whenever you feel like it. There is no fixed time for using it. But use branded ones because it’s all about your body.

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