Understanding Difference Between Weed and CBD Lube

They are highly different. Weed lube generally has the mix of CBD and THC. CBD lube just has CBD — and it is generally CBD derived from hempseed or hemp that is grown particularly without THC (just to get legal). Even though CBD & THC both can be found in cannabis, but they are very different chemicals with the different effects on your body. THC is an ingredient, which makes you feel very high, whereas CBD will make you feel relaxed.

What does that really mean?

In a simple word, weed lube might feel like you are riding Space Mountain in Disneyland and CBD lube will feel like riding the Small World. Quite seriously — the cannabis lube has THC, the main ingredients that are involved to make you very high. From the case studies, we have seen that THC appears to have physiological effects on the pleasure as well as is likely to result at intense and multiple orgasms. CBD will create the feelings of relaxation, reduce anxiety, as well as potentially improve the sexual experiences by those means. People who had to experience some painful sex have also reported benefitting by using weed lube. And these effects appear to be subtle than to get “baked” though.

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Upside of the CBD products is they are accessible to buy anywhere outside the dispensary—in different stores both online & IRL—thus they are simple to try out doesn’t matter where you are located.

Is weed lube safe?

There are a few marijuana lubricants that are completely safe for use with the latex, however not all. Suppose you want this to be the latex-compatible, never purchase one, which is oil-based since that will degrade or break condoms that can make you & your partner susceptible for STIs or unintended pregnancy. The water based lubes also are way of going here, and suppose you are not sure, do not hesitate in asking the company and local bud tender.

Can a men use weed lube?”

Many times we get this particular question— presumably the question means “can somebody with penis make use of cannabis lube?” Answer is yes—preferably if you get in the rectum. The lubes will not have much effect on skin of penis as it is less absorbent than vagina & vulva. But, like vagina, rectum is capable of absorbing various ingredients —THC and CBD included. So, this is the difference that you wanted to know about weed lube.

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