Concept of Text to Give Software

The software that is serving the nonprofit organizations over a long period of time. These are known as text to donate software. This are directly linked to the CRM system of the organization.

This is because the organizations control over the functionality of the software. They depend on the whims of a single company.

Non-profit organizations can also face high migration costs if they wish to change to a different proprietary system. It will never help in reaching their independence.

These factors mean that the tools that originally intended to improve the effectiveness of organizations have ended up limiting their ability to fulfill their social mission.

Advantages of Text to Give Software

These software reveal source code so that all organizations.  This helps to estimate its pattern of its functionality. It has the option to order someone to make adjustments and customizations. They can choose their own preferred server to host the page.

Since the source code and format of the data available without cost,  the use of the system never needs to stuck to it. On the other hand, thanks to running on the free operating systems! It has made the things more accurate and efficient.

nonprofit organizations

The features offered by these text to give software will satisfy non-profit organizations.  It will help to maintain their relationships with the media and the other channels of donation.

It stores all relevant contact data and manages online fundraising, event registration, adhesion management, personalized reports and emails.

The best part is, it is free software that are distributed are actually licensed and legit. That directly means that non-profit organizations can store it themselves .Even they can maintain the freedom if they want to improve their goals without any restriction.


These text to give software carries  GNU AGPL version 3 license. This gives it a strong copy left. It also broadens the  compatibility with other  no cost licenses. It also ensures that people who interact with the software on a network . It is  is the main way we use the software. It includes the access to your source code.

In addition, like many large projects, it depends on several free software libraries, and has licensing policies that regulate the project as a whole. In this way, license of free software can have more force, the information must be easily available for the users.

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