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Build Your Channel: Tips and Techniques to Increase YouTube Subscribers

It’s no secret that to get more views for your YouTube videos, you need to increase your subscriber count. There’s a unique appeal when you see a notification pop up in your YouTube account and it says someone just subscribed to your channel. Even though it’s just one new subscriber, you may even jump out of joy at that instance.

Getting more YouTube subscribers is a cause for celebration. Why? It’s because getting people to follow your channel is more difficult than getting views. Many YouTube users, or YouTubers for short, may have videos with over 100,000 views but their subscriber count is just somewhere along 500 to 1,000. That might already mean a lot for some, but know that some channels will even have a 2-digit figure for their subscriber count.

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Understanding the Difficulty of Getting Subscribers

Think about this – if you have a new television show, will you have dozens or even hundreds of loyal viewers right off the bat? If you’re already a famous celebrity, then perhaps you will. However, for the common person, it might not be as simple as that.

Most YouTubers start out with a simple introduction video stating their purposes for creating their channels. From there, you might try to appeal to audiences to hit the Subscribe button. However, you have to give a good reason for your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Otherwise, they’ll just see you as another random online persona.

Tips for Increasing Your YouTube Subscriber Count

Now that we’ve delved a bit deeper into the difficulty that is getting more subscribers, it’s time to learn how to increase the count for your loyal viewers.

  • Interacting With Your Audience

Talking about me, me, and me in your videos might get you somewhere, but it won’t get you very far. As you’re making your videos, make sure to ask questions to your potential audience. For example, if your video talks about a film that’s recently released, ask your viewers what they think about it and perhaps they can leave their thoughts down in the comments section of the page.

Letting your viewers engage in a conversation is a great way to rake in views for that video clip. If you, as the owner of the channel, will join the conversation, it’ll show that you DO care about your viewers and this will show that you’re a credible YouTuber which heightens the chances of increasing your subscriber count.

  • Use Social Media to its Fullest

YouTube isn’t the only social networking portal on the Internet, and many YouTubers fail to see that. Publishing a video on the popular media streaming website alone won’t get you a significant number of views and subscribers. There are a lot of videos on YouTube that even though they do have viral content will only get a few dozen views at most.

Once you upload your video, don’t forget to share it to your other social media accounts. Take advantage of other portals such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

  • Create a Reaction Video

Reaction videos are sprawled all over YouTube, and with good reason. Once you create a reaction video about any other video or piece of information, you can tell the original owner of the media about the reaction video. Don’t forget to put a link to your reaction video in the comment’s section of the original video so other people can click on it as well.

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